Do you want to know what the 6 Marketing Essentials are?  

Jump Marketing’s Director  Merry Robertson has over 25 years experience in marketing and is a qualified lecturer.

Its vital that your marketing is based on sound and proven strategies and our CD will tell you what these are.

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Marketing Services

Jump Marketing Perth is different to other advertising agencies or marketing consultancies. The fact is there are very few marketing companies in Western Australia that assist you to implement your total marketing strategies and encourage you to be involved in the process. We help you understand the ‘bigger picture’ first, then work with you to roll out every element of your Promotions.

The first action that Jump Marketing will take is to conduct a Business Marketing Overview. This leads to the development of your Strategic Marketing Plans. To develop your Strategic Marketing Plans we will analyse your current situation and prioritise your marketing actions for you. We specialise in marketing for small and medium businesses, and individuals in Western Australia.

We want you to get started. Why delay? Every day is another client you could have gained or another dollar you could have banked! Here’s how you can start the ball rolling on increasing your business sales, improving your promotions strategies and taking control of your business marketing.

Complete this FREE Marketing Overview and we will give you some great ideas that you could implement immediately! There is no cost and no obligation. We want you to start thinking about your marketing strategies as soon as possible.  Just download the Marketing Overview form and email or fax back to us. Then Contact Us to find out how you can implement some of our great ideas!


Marketing is the ‘bigger picture’. Promotion strategies rollout the marketing plan and consist of: 
Jump Marketing Perth will help you explore all the promotions options by also adding marketing strategies that include:
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Every wondered what the difference is between Marketing and Promotions?

It’s easy to confuse business marketing with business promotions. The fact is that marketing is so much more that just promoting your business.

Marketing is “…the process of planning and executing the conception, pricing, promotion and distribution of ideas, goods, and services to create exchanges that satisfy individual and organisational objectives.”  Marketing News March, 1985   

Here’s what Marketing actually covers and where Promotions fits in.

By understanding how Marketing and Promotions fit together you are better positioned to determine what services you require to successfully market your business.

Now that you have seen this model of ideal marketing strategies, is there anything that you are not implementing in your marketing? If you can see gaping holes in your marketing mix then Contact Us .

It’s highly likely we can advise you on the best strategic marketing plan to put in place that will help you capitalise on every aspect of effective business marketing.