How well do you communicate with your Gen Y staff?

Here’s a simple GUIDE to better understanding the ‘turn ons’ and turn offs’ for Gen Y
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Public Relations

Public Relations is about developing positive relationships with all the groups and organisations that surround and influence the success of your business. It’s also about developing good relationships with the people inside your business – that is, your staff and management.

Jump Marketing Perth can help you develop the promotions tools and marketing strategies to boost your ‘PR’. We’ll help you with newsletters, media releases, published articles, and even internal memos and business communication documents.

We recommend that everyone consider PR as part of their marketing mix. By having your PR and other promotional requirements handled by the one company, you will be assured of a totally integrated approach. Your corporate image will be consistent and you’ll keep your finger on the financial management of your marketing strategies too.

If you believe your current public relations strategies would benefit from our professional input then Contact Us.  Tell us what is not working or what you would like to improve and together we will come up with a public relations plan that will suit you perfectly.

Consider all the people and organisations that you should be developing good public relations with.
There are those external to your business. This list includes:

Investors, the media, government departments, suppliers, local council, and community groups.

Public Relations campaigns and marketing strategies incorporate such things as:
  • Events and Expos
  • Professional Presentations and Public Speaking
  • Sponsorship and Strategic Alliances
  • Media conferences and Media releases
  • Customer Relationship Marketing
  • The use of Websites and Internet marketing
  • The distribution of brochures, newsletters and other promotional tools
Jump Marketing in Western Australia can assist you develop a powerful and effective Public Relations campaign. We helped the John Hughes Big Walk get off the ground, and assisted the Western Australian Football League WAFL reconnect with their community.

How well do you communicate with your staff and management?

Did you know that good ‘Public Relations’ should also be developed with your internal people?  Your staff and management want to be treated as part of a vibrant team. They want to be consulted, included and respected.

Jump Marketing can help you develop your internal communications processes by creating a public relations strategy that can be used every day. We can assist with:
Think of the benefits to your business of good public relations with your external organisations and your staff and management. Is there anyone you are not getting along with? Are there community groups that are unsupportive of your marketing plans?

Jump Marketing Perth is experienced in integrating a successful public relations campaign into your marketing plans and promotions strategy. Contact Us to discuss how a public relations campaign can make your business thrive – in all economic circumstances!