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Expert facilitation means reaching the outcomes you need and want. Trust your important meetings, planning days and workshops to an experienced Professional Facilitator


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Meetings and Seminars are designed to meet all sorts of outcomes. Many of them need to have an independent, switched on person to guide them to the outcomes you have planned. This person is a Professional Facilitator.

A Professional Facilitator enables a smooth process to take place when information is being gathered or disseminated. 

A Professional Facilitator Perth

Merry Robertson
is an experienced facilitator in Perth Western Australia who has been called in to assist with strategic planning days, crisis meetings, AGMs and brainstorming workshops.

As a Professional Facilitator in Perth her cool, calm and personable style has seen even the most difficult meetings become more harmonious, and steered towards the desired outcomes of the clients.

A Professional Facilitator remains neutral and impartial, extracting and delivering vital information as it is presented. This does not mean that the business facilitator works 'off the cuff'. All materials are well researched and the strategy of managing a successful event is well planned. However a good professional facilitator is flexible, totally focused, and can 'think on their feet'.

Merry Robertson provides expert facilitation services to corporate organisations, small and medium businesses, local and state government departments and companies. She also has extensive experience in the Sports Management area and is a marketing consultant.

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