Stunning Original Wall Art

Your home, your office, and your gifts should reflect your true personality and love of the life around you. What better way than to hang and give original artworks. With Merry Robertson's range of original wall art you have a choice of size and mediums. Choose from original art prints on high quality acid free papers, top quality Giclee art prints on archival paper, or professionally produced canvas prints.


Unique Linocut Art Prints

Linocut printing produces bold, graphic art prints and was favoured and developed by great artists including Pablo Picasso and Henri Matisse. They discovered its ease of use over woodblock printing and produced many stunning art prints. Australian artist Margaret Preston brought Australian landscapes, flora and fauna to life and is renowned worldwide for her original art prints. You'll see them now in beautiful posters and cards, and hanging on the walls of many State Art Galleries. 

Merry Robertson's linocut art prints also show a unique take on Australian scenery. She often travels within Australia and overseas, recording impressions, people and places in linocut art prints.

During a recent trip to Vietnam, Merry was inspired to capture not only iconic images of the country, but the depth of feeling of its people and history. The result is a collection of four linocut art prints that are designed to hang together as simple but impressive wall art, and asks the viewer to truly 'feel' the country. Anyone who has travelled to Vietnam and been captured by its people and beauty will relate to these essential artistic images.

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Linocut Art Prints as Canvas Wall Art

You might prefer to have your linocut art prints produced as canvas art prints instead of original art prints on paper. Wall art produced as canvas prints is hugely popular and a brilliant way to add spectacular effects to your living and working areas. We highly recommend that you always choose professionally produced canvas art as there is a HUGE difference in the quality of inks used. Cheap reproduction techniques in canvas art prints means your print can fade especially if exposed to sunlight and fluorescent lighting. The other essential item, apart from the quality of the canvas art stretching and framing of course, is the multiple applications of high quality sealer applied to the canvas art print surface. This protects the inks, makes your artwork easy to wipe clean, and enhances the depth of colour.

 Your canvas wall art should bring you - or the person you have given it too - many years of enjoyment.  We only use the best canvas print service providers when you order your canvas wall art from us.

Creative Collagraphs - the latest in original Art Prints 

You have probably heard of a 'collage' as a method of producing an original art work. You probably even produced them yourself at school!

A Collagraph is a method of taking an art print from a collage. A low profile collage is created, sealed with multiple layers of ink resistant finish, then inked and rubbed back by hand before printing. The beauty of this printing method is that every art print is unique and original.

Merry Robertson has added this technique to her range of original art work. While some of the original wall art collagraph pieces are available in limited numbers, they lend themselves beautifully to reproduction as Giclee prints or canvas art prints.

These art prints can be delicate, bold, colourful and contemplative. Hang them as wall art in multiple numbers and become 'involved' with them every time you are in the room. The unique textures and details produced in collagraph art prints will have you discovering something new every time! 

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